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Live Mobile TV System - Add to any "Factory or Aftermarket" Rear Entertainment System with Screen Size up to 10.4"

If you haven't seen the FLO TV™ service, you haven't seen mobile TV.
Not long ago, delivering content to a mobile device consisted of sending basic text updates about weather, news, and stock prices. As consumers, we expect more. As a company, we demand more. More dynamic content, more programs, more choices, and more freedom. FLO TV will forever change how and where we watch TV. And they're just getting started.

FLO TV is being made available on new cars and can be easily integrated into the vehicles existing backseat or front seat entertainment system. When you have the FLO TV™ service in your car, you have endless entertainment. FLO TV has great programming that's perfect for tots to teens. But kids' shows are just the beginning. FLO TV is 24/7 entertainment for the whole family.

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• Up to 20 Channels - Delivering the best content available
• Low Profile Antenna - Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
• Wireless and Wired Remote Controls Included
• Home Style Programming Guide - 8 days of forward programming
• Built-in Parental Controls
• Includes (1) One Year of Service with Purchase
• 3 Year Warranty

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